WaterMob behaviour is a new kind of Mob behaviour introduced by the mod. Water mobs are usually fish and other marine creatures in the mod. Seals and Beavers also show this behaviour when in water.

List of mobs that show this behaviour:

Behaviour(in water)Edit

Water mobs swim just under the surface of a body of water. At random times it will dive. When the water mob reached a certain depth, it either ascends again or swims around underwater for a short time. Obviously they will not drown like all other creatures and can stay underwater forever without dying.

Behaviour(on land)Edit

Most water mobs cannot survive on land. When they find themselves on land because of a stream of water or a player fishing them up, they will suffocate. They will start jumping around and taking damage when doing so. However, this does not apply to seals, sea turtles, beavers and lava snakes.

Hostile behaviourEdit

Hostile water mobs will only attack their target when it's in the water. However they will keep their target locked even when the target goes out of the water (Bug?). Once their target has been acquired, they will start swimming towards it and hitting it at a fast rate. They will not follow their target onto the land.

Taming (Catching)Edit

Most water mobs have a signature way of being tamed. It's just called: Catching. To catch a water mob without killing it, the player will need a Net and optionally a Fishing Rod. The player will need to lure a water mob unto land and right-click it with the Net before it dies of suffocation. The best way to do so is by using a Fishing Rod on the water mob and pulling it unto land. After doing so, the water mob will disappear with some heart particles emitted and drop a "Water Mob Name" Alive item. The player can then grab this item. By right-clicking with this item, the water mob will spawn once more, but now it will be tamed! The player will need to catch it again to obtain the item again.

Some water mobs have a different way of being tamed, which is specified at their wiki page.