Sea Lion: Can be seen in large groups around beaches, Has the same animation of seals and like seals, they can swim.

Coelacanth: Rare type of fish, Can be rarely seen lurking near or in the middle of the Deep Ocean.

Pheasant: It runs away when the player chases or follow him, It is very timid but likes people taming it, They are briefly seen flying off a cliff.

Komodo Dragon: Attacks the player when provoked, They are larger than a Lizard and spawns in jungles.

Sasquatch: It lurks on Taiga and Roofed Forest biomes, It can also watch you in front of trees far away.

Ferret: Can be tamed, They are preyed upon by Minecraft ocelots and a Bear.

Loch Ness Monster: It swims near lakes, swamps and rivers, To take a closer look at him you must go to the place where he is swimming.

Cassowary: It could kick you doing 8 damage, They don't fly and follows you if you are holding seeds.

Mammoth: They roam in snowy biomes and disappears when killed meaning that they become extinct.

Yak: It has behaviour and sound of cows, Can be ridden.

Goose: It flys off the coast near grasslands in small groups, It attacks becking at the player.

Thylacine: It attacks the player by eating their leg, Unlike minecraft wolves they do not eat sheep.

Kiwi: Roams in jungles, Tamed kiwis will lay an egg and a baby Kiwi will Hatch.

Badger: Found in jungles, forests, Plains and taiga, It burrows the ground to make their home.

Sea Otter: Found in oceans and Kelp Forests, Tamed with raw fish and swims near shore.

Gray Wolf: Do not replaces the Minecraft wolves, Eats Moose, Squirrel, Rabbit and Bison.

Pronghorn: Eats grass and runs in herds, Found in plains.

Budgie: Flys and lands on your head, Eats seeds and drops 2-5 cooked budgie when killed.

Velociraptor: Runs fast at 4x speed, Kills other Mobs including Crow or Rabbit.

Lionfish: Eats other fish, Found in Coral Reefs and Ocean.

Sugar Gilder: Flys around villages, Tameable with Sugar and Apples.