Type Land Creature
Health 10
Biome Spawns Daytime

Taiga and Ice Plains

Rarity Uncommon
Drops Leather
Breedable No
Tameable Yes
Custom Sounds Yes
Species 2

Reindeers are neutral land creatures with big antlers. They provoke the player with their antlers when the player comes nearby. When attacked, they attack back. They can be a good source of Leather .


Reindeers can be tamed by feeding one a Golden Carrot . When tamed, they will not provoke the player with their antlers and won't attack the player anymore. To ride it, the player needs to put a Saddle on it. Then the player needs to right-click the Reindeer to mount it.

The Reindeer can be controlled when ridden. They will currently jump automatically when near a hill, however this is still a little bit buggy.

The Rudolf version of the Reindeer can fly when ridden. It will go up automatically when moving around. When no input is given, the Reindeer slowly floats down. The player can toggle a fixed height for moving, by pressing Shift (might require dawg tries).


Apart from the normal Reindeer, there also is a somewhat rare Rudolf. A Rudolf has 1/4 chance of spawning when a Reindeer spawns. On spawn it spawns a Santa Claus with it. The Santa Claus will mount it until reload. So if the player wants to tame it, she will need to reload (Save&Quit, Load). Rudolf is tamed the same way as any other Reindeer. Rudolf is immune to fall damage.


Rudolf the Reindeer