Type Air/Land creatures
Health Unknown
Biome Spawns Jungle
Rarity Common
Drops Feather
Breedable No
Tameable Yes
Custom Sounds Yes
Species 3

Parrots are passive flying mobs that are commonly found in the Jungle biome. They come in many different colors, and are tamable, like most other birds.


Parrots have the same taming method as other birds. To tame one, you must throw melon seeds near a parrot you want to tame, then wait until the parrot flies near the seeds, eating them and becoming domesticated. Like other birds, they will infrequently emit heart particles and follow you around. If you right click them, they will sit on your head. If you are near an open birdcage or perch, they will automatically be placed in it. If there is a Creeper nearby, they will warn you about it.


- The looks of the Parrot got updated in the v1.3.2 update


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