Lava Snake
Type Lava Creature
Health 25
Biome Spawns Nether
Rarity Uncommon
Drops When on land: Nothing

When in lava: Fire Rod

Breedable No
Tameable Yes
Custom Sounds Yes
Species 1

Lava Snakes are passive lava creatures that inhabit the Nether lava lakes. Their behaviour is simular to that of a WaterMob in water, instead these are in lava. They are obviously immune to fire damage and will swim around peacefully. If a player happens to kill one in the lava, the Lava Snake will drop a Fire Rod which is hard to grab because of all the lava. Good luck getting some legit!


To tame a Lava Snake, a player needs to feed it 64 Rotten Flesh! This is done by right-clicking the lava snake with some rotten flesh. Smoke particles will indicate if it has eaten one and heart particles will indicate if it has been tamed. Tamed Lava Snakes can be ridden by right-clicking them. Beware though! Without fire resistance, it is hard to avoid fire damage when dismounting. To avoid this, feed the lava snake a Salamander Slime and it will create a fire-resistance aura (simular to the beacons) that will make the player fire resistance when nearby. This aura lasts until the player quits the game.