Field Mouse
Type Land creatures
Health 2
Biome Spawns Daytime

Plains, Forest, ForestHills and ExtremeHills

Rarity Very Common
Drops When Tamed and Right-clicked: Mouse Alive

When killed: Raw Mouse

Breedable Yes
Tameable Yes
Custom Sounds Yes
Species 1

Field Mice are passive land creatures that squeak and add a nice atmosphere to the plains biome. A Mouse can be killed for Raw Mouse. These can be used to tame Owls .


Field Mice can be tamed be feeding them Rotten Flesh. The player can then right-click the tamed mouse to change it into the Alive Mouse item. This can be used to move the mouse to the players home as using the ALive Mouse item releases the mouse again,


  • Mice will move their tail while moving.
  • The optional implementation of Ocelots chasing Mice was removed due to lack of interest.
  • Owls used to attack mice. This will be added again soon.